Costronica Smoke Type 1

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€ 72.78

Same features as Costronica Smoke Type 2, all the same internals however the case is modified.

New and improved design, 3D printed case in PETG filament designed as compactly as possible around the smoker.


  • Complete smoker with switch of your choice.
  • Quick connect push fitting on top of Costronica smoke (to easy connect/disconnect tube)
  • Built in controller to set amount of smoke generated.
  • 1 meter of tube to guide smoke to a point of your choosing.
  • Small bottle filled with smoke juice, save and refill for easy refilling of unit.
  • Connector for our Costronica Smoke Bright LED Addon, if LED is bought.
  • Instructional video, available after purchase in your account.

Costronica Smoke can run for 20 minutes straight before a refill is needed, however recommended use is intermittent with a cooling off period in between to prolong coil life and allow juice to soak up into cotton and reach the coils.

Costronica Smoke is powered by 1x 18650 battery, 4xAA or a 9v battery (batteries itself not included due to shipping restrictions) these batteries can be purchased anywhere on sites like or similar to Amazon.

Check the last image listed for a dimensional overview.

To refill Costronica Smoke use Propyleen Glycol (PG), which is the base compound in vape juice but is colorless and (near) odorless, or use Glycerine (VG) which is also used in some vape juices, Glycerine is more viscous than PG, but does provide thicker smoke.

We offer 3 types of switches:

  • Momentary switch wired 1 meter: this is perfect for gun triggers or intermediate bursts where you want full control.
  • Toggle switch wired 1 meter: switch on and will stay on untill you switch unit off.
  • Remote control: 2 buttons on remote, 1 programmed for momentary, the other programmed for toggle, best of both worlds.

We offer 3 types of battery cases:

  • 18650 battery case, will power the smoker for a long time with or without led. charger available here incase you dont have one: 16340 – 18650 charger
  • 4x AA battery, the common AA battery, safe option and can run it with led as well , AA batteries are available anywhere so you can always bring or acquire spares.
  • 9v battery, the smallest option if space is very limited, can run smoker but battery goes fast, with (ONE) led combined it will drain extremely fast so bring spares if this is your only choice.

Units still need assembly so allow for at least a few days before shipping out, shipping times vary for all over the world.


All tinkering and modification by the buyer is at their own risk.

Any import tax or duties are for the buyer.

Treat with care and they last for all your cosplays and props.

Thank you very much.

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