Costronica Pocket Smoke PRO

€ 48.94

People wanted a remote pocket smoke, and even one that supported the Costronica Smoke Bright LED Add-on from the Type 1 & 2… you got it!

introducing the Costronica Pocket Smoke PRO v2!


  • Complete Costronica Pocket Smoke PRO.
  • Quick connect push fitting (to easy connect/disconnect tube).
  • 1 meter of tube to guide smoke to a point of your choosing.
  • Small bottle filled with smoke juice.
  • Remote control only! A for toggle, B for momentary.
  • Powered by a 16340 lithium-ion battery! (not included)
  • Connector for the LED, if led is purchased.
  • Instructional video, available after purchase in your account.


Battery pack easily accessed from the back, both unprotected and protected 16340 batteries work, though i recommend the protected battery of-course.

you must acquire your own 16340 rechargeable battery with separate charger for this to work, they are a bit more uncommon than 18650 batteries but here are some link suggestions where you could obtain them:

(WARNING: do NOT get 16340 batteries from Amazon or Ebay, too many fake 16340 batteries are there, how to spot a fake 16340? they list absurd amounts of mAh-ratings on them, anything above 900-1000 mAh can be considered false marketing/fake)

USA: (charger)

EU: (i use this one) (charger)

UK: (i use this one) (charger)

Costronica Pocket Smoke PRO v2 can run continuous before a refill is needed, for up to 20 minutes straight, however recommended use is intermittent with a cooling off period in between to prolong coil life and allow juice to soak up into cotton and reach the coils.

Check the last image listed for a dimensional overview.

To refill Costronica Pocket Smoke PRO v2 use our smoke juice mix for best results, additional bottles are available in our 30ml and 60ml bottles.

Standard fog juices can work but to a lesser degree as these are often thinned with distilled or osmosis water.

Items from the Costronica Smoke line that also work with the Pocket Smoke PRO:

Things to note:

  • Provides less smoke than Costronica Smoke but more than the regular pocket smoke, consider this the middle child in smoker performance.
  • Produces more sound when operating than Costronica Smoke


- All tinkering and modification by the buyer is at their own risk.

- Listing pictures and videos of pocket smoke PRO v2 are powered with "Nitecore RCR123 3.7v battery"

- Treat with care and Costronica products last for all your projects.

Thank you very much.

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