Costronica Tube Connectors

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$ 2.72
  • Y or T juntion for the 6mm tube that comes with Costronica smoke.

Need to split the effect so you get smoke from 2 points instead of 1?

Get this splitter and link up both ends to where you want your smoke to go!

*Y or T junction will be send, depending on what is in stock.

*for every split you make you naturally get less smoke per split point (100% smoke from 1 exit, 50%/50% with 2 exits)

*costronica smoke not included

  • a 6mm to 6mm junction for the tubing that comes with Costronica smoke.

install this in your projects so you can simply disconnect your Costronica smoke from 1 project and connect it to your other project.

*costronica smoke not included

  • splitter add-on pack

comes with:

– 1 x Y splitter.

– 1 x T splitter.

– 1 x Air flow controller.

– 2 x L corner.

– 2 x 4 to 6mm adapter for wider burst effect.

– 1 meter PTFE tube.

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