Bring your products to life with our Smoke Machines, Thrusters and Voice Changers. Innovative gadgets by Costronica.

Smoke Machines

Create eye-catching smoke effects with Smoke Machines from Costronica. Designed to be used for cosplay and tabletop gaming.

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Form Factor

We offer our smoke machines in multiple sizes to make sure you have the right fit for your project.


Make use of our accessories, such as LED lights, diffusers and tubing. To really steal the show!

Control Options

For most smoke machines we offer various control options. Usually these include a remote control and various switches.


All smoke machines are equipped with battery sockets. We offer multiple types of sockets for your favorite battery type.

Custom Project?

Require a custom smoke machine for your project or business? Get in touch to discover the possibilities.


Blast away with my latest system powered by a simple canister of air duster! No messing around with CO2 or N2O, and no clumsy refilling of tanks. On top of that, switching an empty canister can be done in under 20 seconds.

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Voice Changers

Hard time getting that perfect voice for your character? Try out the Costronica Voice Changer. From low demonic voices, to high chipmunk voices, and everything in between.

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