How it all started

I started making cosplay and props back in 2015 after I was diagnosed with a severe depression and burnout. My therapist suggested to find a hobby where I combine my creative side together with my love of everything sci-fi and comics.

After an evening of Google I landed on the Replica Prop Forum and was amazed at the world of cosplay that I found. After watching some tutorials from builders like Punished Props, Heroes Workshop and Evil Ted I jumped into the world of cosplay and bought some basic tools and a bunch of foam and started building War Machine from Iron Man 2.

It was the best choice I ever made and through building cosplay and making props I managed to pull myself out of my depression and haven’t looked back since.

Wayne Berendhuysen


I have a background in electronics, and so I found my niche in this whole cosplay world which is creating and inventing electrical gizmos.

In 2016 I started my Iron Man MK39 Starbooster cosplay with Arduino controlled servo motors for the faceplate and CO2 gas with 10W floodlights to simulate thrusters. It quickly made the rounds over the internet with several big websites like Kotaku , Nerdist and Unilad picking it up.

Following that, Insider even made an article on me and how I started cosplay and how I overcame a depression through it.

I only found it normal to from then on pass it forward and help others with their cosplays through tutorials on YouTube and making a Facebook builders group, so I can help others with their journey through the world of cosplay as others have helped me when I needed it.