Costronica Voice

€ 146.54

Hard time getting that perfect voice for your character?

Tired of removing your helmet so people can actually hear you speak?

Then the latest addition to the Costronica line is the item for you!

Costronica Voice is a direct voice modulator that works in real time, that what you say into the included microphone is directly pitched and modulated to the setting that you chose and instantly blasted out of the speaker of your choosing!

it can be set to very low demonic voices, all the way up to super chipmunk voice and everything in between!

if you are looking to get an accurate voice, lets say a certain dark knight, try to imitate the voice as best you can, set the pitch with the rotating knob on the device untill your pleased with the depth and you’re pretty spot on!

Watch our demo vids here for a audible example!

Costronica voice comes with:

  • Costronica Voice base unit
  • Microphone with 1 meter of wire connected to base unit
  • On base unit, a adjustable gain for the microphone (set higher so mic is more sensitive for open areas, set low when mic is inside helmet so resonation is close to 0)
  • Internal volume control seperate from Speaker you choose
  • 2 x aux so you can wire up 2 speakers at the same time
  • 9 Volt battery holder with DC jack and on/off switch.
  • Instruction video in your account upon purchase.

Costronica Voice does NOT come with:

  • Speakers, everybody has different needs for quality and sizes of speaker, i recommend speakers like, but not limited to the JBL GO 2 or JBL Clip 3 due to their compact sizes, long battery lives and needed 3.5 mm jack connections.

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