Costronica Pocket Smoke

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€ 28.96

Presenting the Costronica Pocket Smoke, small in size, lightweight, powered by only 3 x AAA batteries, and still packs quite the punch!


  • Complete Costronica Pocket Smoke.
  • Quick connect push fitting (to easy connect/disconnect tube).
  • 1 meter of tube to guide smoke to a point of your choosing.
  • Small bottle filled with smoke juice.
  • 12mm momentary switch or toggle switch on the box.
  • Powered by only 3 x AAA batteries (not included).
  • Instructional video, available after purchase in your account.

Battery pack easily accessed from the top and a big button on the box so you can turn your smoker on, even through your clothing.

Costronica Pocket Smoke can run continuous before a refill is needed, however recommended use is intermittent with a cooling off period in between to prolong coil life and allow juice to soak up into cotton and reach the coils.

Check the last image listed for a dimensional overview.

To refill Costronica Pocket Smoke use Propyleen Glycol (PG), which is the base compound in vape juice but is colorless and (near) odorless, or use Glycerine (VG) which is also used in some vape juices, Glycerine is more viscous than PG, but does provide thicker smoke, a mix of the 2 is also possible, the small sample bottle has a 70% PG to 30% VG in it

Items from the Costronica Smoke line that also work with the Pocket Smoke:

Things to note:


Units still need assembly so allow for at least a few days before shipping out, shipping times vary for all over the world.

All tinkering and modification by the buyer is at their own risk.

Any import tax or duties are for the buyer.

Treat with care and they last for all your cosplays and props.

Thank you very much.


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